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How time flies! Jesse Owens, Berlin, August 9, 1936. Muhammad Ali, Kinshasa, October 30, 1974. Nadia Comăneci, Montreal, July 18, 1976. Boris Becker, Wimbledon, July 7, 1984. Michael Schumacher, Spa, August 29, 2004. The German national soccer team, Belo Horizonte, July 8, 2014. People whose triumphs stand as monuments. And not to be overlooked—Walter Röhrl.

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The Philosophy of F. A. Porsche (as of April 28)

The Philosophy of F. A. Porsche (as of April 28)

At Studio F. A. Porsche, designs for high-tech residential towers and objects are created to withstand the test of time and the vicissitudes of fashion. So it’s no wonder that its design principles can be traced back to a man who created a form for the ages: studio founder Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who designed the original Porsche 911.

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