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Issue 381 Christophorus

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Cast in Friendship. What is passion? The dictionary defines it as a strong feeling of enthusiasm, or an intense, driving emotion that can become obsessive. For a person, an object, or an activity—there’s no difference as far as our minds are concerned. A hundred billion nerve cells and a hundred trillion synapses are always at the ready. Neuroplasticity is what medical researchers call it. What does that have to do with cars? It’s very simple: you can love them, passionately.

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Porsche - Dress rehearsal (from June 2 on)

Dress rehearsal (from June 2 on)

When the curtain opens on a new Porsche, everything has to be perfectly in place. As with the Panamera Sport Turismo. A pilot hall is where production of a new car model is rehearsed and perfected. The most modern facility of this type is at the Porsche plant in Leipzig. Its staff concentrates on takt times, the art of automotive engineering—and underwear.

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