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Cast in Friendship. What is passion? The dictionary defines it as a strong feeling of enthusiasm, or an intense, driving emotion that can become obsessive. For a person, an object, or an activity—there’s no difference as far as our minds are concerned. A hundred billion nerve cells and a hundred trillion synapses are always at the ready. Neuroplasticity is what medical researchers call it. What does that have to do with cars? It’s very simple: you can love them, passionately.

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Porsche - In the realm of ghosts (from June 30 on)

In the realm of ghosts (from June 30 on)

In China’s Huangshan mountains, only the wind holds sway. The Huangshan mountains are a natural paradise, with vistas that inspired locations in the film Avatar. Intrepid visitors to the Huangshan mountain range in southeastern China can become entranced by the stunning surroundings amid scenery that blurs the line between reality and art.

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