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Issue 382 Christophorus

Porsche - Editorial


Extraordinarily Normal. Wine tastes sweeter in rooms with blue walls, and the taste of coffee is also influenced by ambient color. Corrections penned in purple tend to be viewed more favorably than those in red. Yellow promotes creativity, orange increases appetite. And a green Porsche 911—what does that evoke in us?

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Article overview

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Porsche - Technology and Talent (from August 18 on)

Technology and Talent (from August 18 on)

Eight million people. Thousands of start-ups. Billions of dollars of venture capital. Silicon Valley is the Babel of the digital age, an incubator of geniuses, and a Mecca for visionaries. Right in its midst: Porsche Digital Inc. employees. We visit the future. It takes the form of a business trip with Thilo Koslowski, CEO of Porsche Digital, through an old new world. “You have to get beyond the facade of Silicon Valley to understand what’s behind all the hype.”

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