Information on Porsche in Indonesia

Information on Porsche in Indonesia

Porsche in Indonesia was established on 10th of July 2002. Currently two authorized dealers are operating in Indonesia, one located in Jakarta (Porsche Centre Jakarta) and the other one in Surabaya (Porsche Centre Surabaya).

Porsche Indonesia’s focus is unquestionably on the people; our customers and employees; as we understand that the most valuable capital of this company are its loyal customers and its work force and its dedication for outstanding performance.

Only thus we are able to sustain the existing exceptional company performance, exceeding potential, valuable opportunity and growth to achieve profitable returns and transforming us to be a market leader in Indonesia.

We’ve always been ambitious and we’ll make sure it stays that way by doing what we do best; providing a wide range of Porsche cars in Indonesia, and taking the interests of Porsche’s customers and our employees to increase the social acceptance of Porsche’s product, company and brand in the Indonesian market.

For further information please contact the respective departments.

Christoph Choi
Managing Director

Andrew Worth
Head of Marketing and Public Relations

Lukas Lukasiewicz
After Sales Director