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Issue 381 Christophorus

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Cast in Friendship. What is passion? The dictionary defines it as a strong feeling of enthusiasm, or an intense, driving emotion that can become obsessive. For a person, an object, or an activity—there’s no difference as far as our minds are concerned. A hundred billion nerve cells and a hundred trillion synapses are always at the ready. Neuroplasticity is what medical researchers call it. What does that have to do with cars? It’s very simple: you can love them, passionately.

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Porsche - Bad Luck? Good Luck! (from July 21 on)

Bad Luck? Good Luck! (from July 21 on)

It’s a historic moment: Dr. Wolfgang Porsche is waiting, everyone else is waiting. Finally cameras start flashing and a green Porsche rolls from the line. The one-millionth 911 is here. There was a car before this one, of course: number 999,999. It missed entering the history books by a hair. Bad luck! Or perhaps not? We take a subjective look at narrowly missing the limelight and the happiness that comes with it.

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