Porsche - Sustainability
Porsche - Sustainability
Porsche - Sustainability
Porsche - Sustainability
Porsche - Sustainability
Porsche - Sustainability
Porsche - Sustainability


Porsche and Sustainability

Responsibility within the Company

Looking ahead, becoming better and more efficient – Porsche‘s efforts in this respect do not only focus on the development, production, and sale of highly emotive premium sports cars that inspire our customers around the globe. Already, we – more than any other manufacturer – are linking the fascination of driving a sports car that is so typical for Porsche with resource-efficient mobility. And we are tackling the increasing challenges facing a modern and sustainable automobile manufacturer. Technology leadership always was, and always will be, our goal. We show that efficiency and social responsibility do not have to contradict each other.

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End of life

Recycling your Porsche

Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd. has partnered with Autogreen Ltd. to provide a Government-approved national network of certified dismantling companies. They will take care of the environmentally friendly recovery of your car once it's reached the end of its life. To find your nearest Porsche-appointed recycling facility visit or call 0800 542 2002.


Recycling your Battery

If you wish to replace the Automotive (starter) battery on your vehicle you can return it to the following locations:

· Civic Amenity and Recycling Centres

· Local Authority Battery Collection Schemes

· Licensed End of Life Vehicle Authorised Treatment Facilities

· Licensed Metal Recycling Sites

To find your nearest recycling facility please visit the Recycle-More website at

For the treatment and recycling of Hybrid or E-Hybrid batteries please contact the Porsche Customer Assistance Centre on telephone 03457 911 911 for advice on our collection and recycling scheme.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Recycling your Electrical goods

Porsche are proud to be members of the national Distributor Takeback Scheme (“DTS”) for WEEE and work with other responsible retailers to reduce the quantity of electrical goods going to landfill sites and improve recovery and recycling rates. The quantity of unused electrical goods is one of the most rapidly growing types of waste in the UK. Electrical goods contain harmful substances which, if unchecked, have the potential to cause contamination, harming human health and damaging the environment. If you see the symbol of a crossed out wheelie bin on your electrical product it serves as a reminder that it can be recycled and should not be thrown in a normal bin. To find your nearest recycling centre for used electrical products and for more information please visit or contact your local Council.


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Fuel Consumption and Emissions

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